New Season Treats

imgres-1 I have one thing to say, "texture, texture, texture," if you can remember that this season you be on the money for Winter 2016. Fur, velvet, cord, embossed fabrics..... and it goes on a lot of fun can be had this Autumn Winter. However 'the Look' is pared down quite severely. One needs a plain base of slim leg cropped trouser, tank then roll neck. or other knit, worn with a Court shoe. Alternatively a below the knee skirt worn with a boxy shaped top, strappy shoes with skirts this year. The newest over piece is the long line sleeveless vest, in black, marle grey or camel. Accessories are huge and these add the texture and "new" look. Fringed bags, tassells finishing off everything, fur cuffs, fur stoles are worn across the body .... a la sash style. TIP. When wearing trousers or jean the Court shoe is the only choice, strappy sandals with skirts.7f1d1496f233b9f7813d649a694e3c68

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