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turandot-hosh-2016-1280x320 Puccini's Turindot on Sydney Harbour, Fleet Steps, Mrs Macquaries Point, March 24-April 24 2016 Handa opera presents Turindot , remember drop the last "T" from your pronunciation, a story of a death-marked love, amazing costumes, operatic singing voices in a "pop-up" Opera House. With the light filled city skyline as the backdrop your soul will stir when "Nessun dorma" is performed. What to Wear? the venue is all weather, on opening night there was a range from way too casual to the 'official party' glam. I would choose layers as it can become cool, my pick is tapered cropped black satin Trouser, court suede Shoe, white dinner Shirt and an evening Trench or Opera Jacket. TIP. Arrive early to soak up the atmosphere in the lantern lit areas, eat and enjoy a drink or two with the spectacular Sydney Harbour and twinkling skyline as the back drop. IMG_0802

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