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Processed with MOLDIV

Listen up guys this is the best beauty TIP I will ever give you, the humble Fauldings Lanolin cream. The best and most economic beauty product ever, all the rest of the future posts will fade into insignificance. Whats his name Mr Faulding too much here for me to describe so go to read about Francis Harding Faulding. Seriously all you need to do is spend $4.95 at your favourite Chemist for this 'best ever product' and apply once or twice weekly to the dry areas on your face. I favour under the eyes, applied with the ring fingers only....... because they have the softest 'touch', around the mouth and my neck. Basically where the dry and 'lined' areas are. Suggestion apply on a hair washing day, go for a walk or wait 10 minutes while doing your physio exercises and shower off and act as normal. ie After showering this product off apply day moisturiser pre make-up, this weekly treatment provides an emollient and moisturized skin, ready for day cream and the day's make-up. As they say the proof is in the pudding, this humble by product from our sheep works, one of my closest and dearest friends does this religiously and at 75 (!) her skin is 'dewey' moist in appearance and wrinkle free also one of my 'glamorous cousins' doesn't leave home without it.... I know because I vet their beauty bags. TIP: I use this every night as an emollient lip balm... PS. Charlie enjoys this as a 'yummy lickable' nose moisturiser.

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  1. Cousin Andrea

    Your dear old Aunty Corrie would be so proud of you for that tip. Nanny’s lanny is a favourite at our place! Just ask Bianca… xx

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