aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy53aG93aGF0d2Vhci5jb20lMkZpbWclMkZ1cGxvYWRzJTJGY3VycmVudCUyRmltYWdlcyUyRjAlMkY1NyUyRjEyMyUyRm1haW4ubGFyZ2UuanBn It has been a record long summer Australia wide, apart from our bodies our wardrobes need a break also! I have seen a lot of 'fashionistas' breaking the temperature rules to get into their Autumn Winter wardrobe. As Autumn is officially here first step is to remove all your 'high summer' pieces from your wardrobe. Make sure all pieces are clean and in a good enough state and style to face another summer. I label these pieces "Resort/ High Summer". When I go to the Northern Hemisphere or Asia during July or August these are the pieces I will take. Wrap cleaned sandals in shoe bags, store swimmers, sarongs and Kaftan over pieces together. The pieces to wear now to look 'now' are a sleeveless long line vest with a sheer or sleeved t-shirt/knit. For the 'Sport Luxe' look a cotton net singlet H&M over your t-shirt and leggings a la the Biebs. Jeans, with cream or tan ankle boots or wear Court shoes with your jeans and cropped trouser and add lacy or fishnet socks with your Loafers, also an easy way to 'break-in' your new loafers - Myer has a great selection. Doesn't add too much warmth but gives a hint of the new seasons look. TIP: have your new season Style Board close by your dressing area with your new season looks.... more on mine this week. For me my Country Road white cotton dress and my cream lace dresses with a Midas ankle strap heeled sandal have been my best and most hard working pieces last summer. Love to hear what have been your favourite summer pieces and what worked the hardest.

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