What Colour Will I Wear?

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Processed with MOLDIV

This season's colour choices are as simple as 1,2,3, .... the newest look is mono grey marle ... shoulder to ankle ... knit is best ... add a twist of winter white to really excite. Wear all winter white and all shades in between worn together work brilliantly. Navy and black together! yes you can.... The newest colour is rust..... best in an over piece, coat or a long line sleeveless vest.... and then with every shade of tan and peach in silk shirts, boots and hand bags. Charlie met up with some very colour co ordinated friends this morning Maisey and Kaila. Notice neutral, neutral, neutral ... fawn, rust, tan and black you cannot go wrong. Charlie and I have done his winter wardrobe shop adding this season a fair Isle knit in grey, black and winter white from Doggone Gorgeous. The forecast is a wet winter so we added a black with white spot raincoat also from Doggone Gorgeous ... lets hope he wont need rain booties! If you have any colour questions for this season please contact and I will be happy to discuss your best options.

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