Wardrobe Rescue

"Usually my clients are nervous before I arrive, thinking that this is some sort of critique. I'm a bit like a doctor, I've seen it all before, nothing shocks me." Cup of tea in hand, Kandy will listen to your specific requirements and wardrobe dilemmas. This helps Kandy put together a unique formula to help build your own look. Then sleeves rolled up, Kandy will start sorting, culling and massaging your wardrobe into something that is functional and fabulous and you can learn how to build your wardrobe."We identify what needs repairing, donating or storing," says Kandy.

Do I need a Wardrobe Rescue?

Here's a quick test you can do on your wardrobe. For the next month, after you wear something, return the item on its hanger facing the other direction. At the end of the month if more than 50% of your wardrobe remains untouched, then you are definitely in need of a WWIW?Wardrobe Rescue and Personal Styling. Click here for more details.