Know How

There is a science to shopping and putting together a successful wardrobe. It doesn’t take a massive budget or hours of retail therapy, there is a unique formula for everyone.

Seasonal Personal Shopping with Kandy Russo will save you time and money. While clothes do not maketh the man (or women for that matter), a Wardrobe Rescue and a Personal Styling experience brings confidence credibility and a quiet assertiveness.

What to spend money on?

Accessories….particularly handbags and shoes…. they can either make or break an outfit. Don’t go past great bags and quality shoes, to define your look. Well kept hair will transform you. If your hair lets you down, no outfit can save you. Make your hairdresser your best friend!

What lets an outfit down?

Chipped and scuffed shoes, loose threads, missing buttons, stains and pilling; anything that is not up to scratch has to go. Never compromise your look… only let yourself down.
WHAT TO REMEMBER – keep the best, turf the rest!

What to avoid and look ‘on trend’ without being a slave to fashion ?

Firstly, always wear colours and shapes that suit you and not the cover of Vogue. Update your accessories to follow trends, and “tweak” the current styles to your own definition. Spending on a seasonal look isn’t investing in your wardrobe; it’s being a slave to fashion. Forget it! Remember style is forever, fashion always fades!

I really do believe with the right wardrobe there is no excuse for not looking fabulous and feeling gorgeous everyday.